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WILD ABOUT HARRY” (formerly known as “American Primitive”) is a drama, set in Cape Cod in 1973. The story is character-driven, with comic and heart wrenching turns that follow an idiosyncratic, recently widowed British father and his struggle to withhold a secret from his two teenage daughters that risks tearing their family apart.


This story of two teenage girls growing up in a gay household in 1973 was set during a time when the laws of the United States actually made it illegal for any gay person to raise a child. The film was inspired by the invisible and taboo life that director, Gwen Wynne, and her sister faced in the 1970s, growing up with our widowed father and his male life partner.

We have come so far in the conversation around Gay Marriage Equality and Family Equality.  For both the women and men in committed relationships along with their children this is a monumental moment in our country’s history advocating equality for all men and women in every activity of their lives.

One of the ways that we can effectively reinforce change is by sharing our stories – ones that can take us on an emotional and truthful journey.  Movies have great power. Wild About Harry hopes to strengthen and reinforce the position that all gay fathers and mothers raising children deserve equal rights under the law and in every corner of society.